Chemical and
Agricultural Services.

Working with farmers across the north-west
for over 30 years.

A Growing


With industry experience spanning three decades and a team of highly skilled agronomists, CAS Ltd. has grown from a small start-up business to a company that is now part of one of the largest agricultural businesses in the UK.

We provide crop planning, the supply of all crop inputs, seed, fertilisers and plant protection products, plus their application from slug pelleting, nematicide application, crop-spraying and fertilising up to 36 metres.


We provide the following services to farmers all across the north-west.

Agricultural Chemicals

We are a leading distributor for all large national agricultural chemical manufacturers. Our qualified team can advise you on the most appropriate chemical programs.

Seeds and Fertilisers

Our team can advise and supply you with the most productive seed varieties, plus OMEX and ABF suspension fertiliser products to ensure you achieve the full potential from your crop.

Crop Cover and Packing

Our understanding and knowledge of the agricultural industry ensure our crop cover and packaging products are delivered on time and reliable quality.

Sprayer MOT

As an approved NSTS sprayer test centre, we’ll ensure your sprayer satisfies all new traceability demands and improve the accuracy of pesticide application for maximum efficiency.

Contract Spraying

With our modern sprayers reaching up to 36 metres and experienced, highly-skilled operators, we can offer fast, efficient and safe application to meet your demand.

The Managing


As an original founder and Managing Director of CAS, I have taken on each fast-changing industry challenge to grow the business from it's start up roots in 1989.

Our Team

David Valentine
Senior Agronomist

With 25 years’ service at CAS, Dave is highly-experienced and qualified to Basis Advanced level. Specialising in arable and root crops, he also manages the contract spraying team in Lancashire, developing and delivering training courses for sprayer operators.

Andrew Roberts
Senior Agronomist

With 17 years of agronomy experience in combinable crops and potatoes, and qualified to Basis Advanced level, Andrew coordinates contract application across Cheshire and South Lancashire.

Sam Starkie

Sam Starkie has a BSc in agriculture from Myerscough and an MSc in Agroecology from Harper Adams. He comes from a mixed farming background and is Basis qualified.

Archie Boase

Based in the Cheshire and south Lancashire region, Archie has a BSc Hons in Agriculture from Harper Adams University and a background in arable operations in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Australia.

Dan Baron

Daniel is Basis qualified with an arable background in Kent and Lancashire, including 7 years as a sprayer operator in the Lancashire area.

Andrew Picton
Distribution Manager

Andy has been part of the CAS team for 10 years. He, along with his team of three, are committed to delivering goods safely and on time to meet the demands of growers.

Jean Sephton

With nineteen years' experience working for CAS, Jean is always happy to discuss finance options and tailored arrangements with growers.


Agricultural Chemicals

Seeds and Fertilisers

Crop and Cover Packaging

Sprayer MOT

Contract Spraying

Become An


Are you interested in a career in agronomy? We'll enrol you in the Hutchinson’s 3-year foundation training programme, the most professional and comprehensive training program within the UK agronomy industry. Develop the specialist technical and commercial skills to fully prepare you for this rewarding career.

Partnered with

Hutchinsons Ltd.

Our partnership with Hutchinsons Ltd., a leading agricultural and horticultural input advice and supply company, allows us to benefit from their in-house research and development programmes that operate throughout the country across a wide range of soil types, crops and inputs.

Omnia Precision


The success of our growers relies upon the strong relationship with our agronomists to optimise crop output. Omnia has been developed with this key partnership in mind.

Omnia is a revolutionary precision farming system that will interpret existing information, whether this is digital or personal knowledge and experiences, to give practical and effective advice.

Our History

With our industry experience spanning three decades and a team of highly skilled agronomists, CAS has grown from the small start-up business to a company that is now part of one of the largest agricultural businesses in the UK.




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