A Career in Agronomy

Here's all you need to know about this rewarding career.

We are always looking to inspire the next generation of agronomists. If you have a passion for agriculture and a positive, can-do attitude, read on to find out how a career in agronomy might suit you.

What does an agronomist do?

Agronomists specialise in the produce and improvement of food crops, along with the control of pests and management of weeds. They increase the quality and quantity of food produced throughout the country by improving crop yields. By examining a farm’s crop production, they identify the best ways to plant, harvest, and cultivate the crops, and keep them pest and weed free.

What is a typical day like?

An agronomist’s working day can vary, depending on the farmers availability and the climate. However, they typically work between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. They spend their days carrying out field trials to solve their farmer’s crop problems, advising them on land management and how to maximise their crop yields. They’ll study soil and water and create chemical treatment plans to keep crops free of pests and weeds. Keeping up to date with product developments and legislation is important, to ensure that the advice they’re giving is up-to-date and legally sound.

In this video, Richard Daubney discusses his work as an agronomist, and offers advice to those looking at a career in agriculture.

What skills do I need to be an agronomist?

Agronomists are required to be excellent problem solvers and have the ability to think critically. To examine the crops and identify the best solutions, they must have excellent mathematical and analytical skills to conduct their experiments.  They must also:

  • Have a keen eye for detail
  • Be able to analyse data
  • Have great communication skills to present their findings
  • Manage budgets and provide financial forecasts
  • Have excellent organisational skills
  • Maintain a flexible work approach
Do I need any qualifications?

Having agricultural experience and a good knowledge of farming processes is a great starting path to become an agronomist. There are also agricultural qualifications that can be gained:

  • Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Diplomas or extended Diplomas in Agricultural Business Management (QCF)
  • City and Guilds Level 4 Diplomas or extended Diplomas in Agricultural Business Management 
  • Foundation Degree in Agricultural Business Management or Animal Studies
  • BSc (Hons) Degree in Agriculture or similar subjects
Can I start my career at CAS?

We are always looking to inspire and train the next generation of agronomists. If you have a background in agriculture, you might like to join the CAS team as a trainee agronomist. You will join the Hutchinson’s 3-year foundation training programme, the most professional and comprehensive training program within the UK agronomy industry. Upon graduation from the foundation, you will have achieved BASIS, FACTS, Conservation Management, and Soil and Water Management qualifications as a minimum standard. You will also develop specialist technical and commercial skills to ensure that you are fully prepared for a successful career in agronomy.

How do I apply?

We are looking for candidates who can demonstrate the ability and dedication to develop technical and interpersonal skills to the highest level within our industry. Working primarily in the North West and under the supervision of a Senior Agronomist, the successful applicant will continue to gain experience as they are mentored in all areas of agronomy and the gricultural industry. In the North West there is an array of soil types, both mineral and organic, including deep peats. These lend themselves to a broad range of cropping from combinables to salads, spring and winter veg, root crops and forage crops. It is also broad in its range of enterprises, from specialist crop businesses to livestock and everything in-between. Please note, some training will be undertaken with other trainees in other regions of the UK.

We work in association with Hutchinsons Ltd, a family business that has grown over the last 80 years to become the leading national, agricultural,and horticultural advice and supply company. Together we invest not only in agronomy’s latest innovation and technology, but also in the agronomists of the future. Andy Goulding who has recently passed the Foundation programme comments, “The quantity and quality of training is vast and people in the industry often recognise this and comment on how comprehensive the training is. The support from the Hutchinson’s group is fantastic, there is always someone on hand happy to help you.”

If you’ve got what it takes and would like to join our ever-growing team, please send your CV to iwanttowork@cas-limited.com.