Using Drones To Help Farmers

Dan Baron
February 1, 2021

When CAS Ltd. invested in an unmanned aircraft system, Dan Baron was quick to volunteer to qualify as a remote pilot! Find out how his training and assessment with Global Drone Training went and how he plans to use his new skills to help farmers.

When I first joined CAS in March 2020 I professed an interest in technology and its uses in agriculture to Geoff Picton the managing director. So when he told me they’d explored purchasing a drone (or unmanned aircraft system to give them the proper title) I was very keen to pickup the project. Geoff sent me off to do some research and put some figures and options together, which I did with the help of Lewis McKerrow from Hutchinsons.

Fast forward three months and we had purchased the drone, arranged insurance and registered myself and the drone with the CAA (Civilian Aviation Authority). This was the first step to becoming a qualified remote pilot.  A two day theory course provided by Global Drone Training in December came next, covering various topics including Airmanship, Meteorology, Principles of flight and legislation. January 2021 and it was time for the theory exam. This was passed and five days later, after completing a risk assessment for the practical flight test venue, I was stood in a snowy field in Glossop looking at the fog and wondering if the exam would take place. The sun broke through and I was cursing myself for leaving my sunglasses in the car. The one-hour test involved flying various manoeuvres over the moorland, including flying in boxes, zig zags, hovering over obstacles and maximum altitude and distance flights.

Thankfully I passed and now I can plan the year ahead… demonstration flights, plant counts/head sizes and crop health surveys are lined up for the spring and summer. In my next blog I will cover the various uses for drones in agriculture and how they can integrate into farming systems and what benefits they can bring growers and agronomists. In the meantime, if you’d like a demonstration or more information then don’t hesitate to call me, Daniel Baron, on 07810000247.